Kandinsky Color Scheme Compositions

The artist Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia in 1886.  This date is surprising to most 7th graders since so many associate his non-objective style of painting to be modern looking.  Also surprising, he studied law and economics.  It wasn't until the age of 30 that he began to paint.  He dedicated much of his time painting artworks that drew parallels between visual art and music.
One of Kandinsky's paintings
Kandinsky himself - 7th graders were surprised to find that this suit and tie wearing man was the painter of such abstract art
7th graders really took time to make these paintings a success.  Not only did we discuss the great artist Kandinsky but we also explored color, balance and ultimately how to arrange the elements of art to create an interesting composition.  Since music was a focus for Kandinsky we figured out how to show rhythm and movement in designing these beautiful kaleidoscope-like paintings as well.  



Unknown said...

These are really nice pictures. What did you tell your students?

mccann said...

Thank you Tonie. We did this project after doing exercises on the elements and principles and going into great depth with color. They viewed Kandinsky art and shared what they noticed. They noticed lots including his use of asymmetrical balance. That is where they started - creating assymetrical designs on a 6x6 paper. This design was used to trace around a 12x12 paper to create radial symmetry. I encouraged rhythm and movement with the use of the elements. Craftsmanship was also stressed.