Kimmy Cantrell Clay Masks

Georgia artist Kimmy Cantrell makes sculptures exaggerating and celebrating our imperfections.   
4th graders did the same thing.  Take a look! 

Kimmy Cantrell

After sketching an asymmetrical face and drawing visual textures, we rolled and textured our slabs.  Then we slip'n'scored the facial features attaching them to the slab. One of our biggest challenges was to use the 3 major clay building methods: slabs, coils, and pinch pots. 

William H Johnson Self Portraits

The artist William H Johnson painted pictures of people and memories from his childhood.  We asked ourselves what we want to be when we grow up and then got to painting the future.  Here are just a few to hold us over.  Works are still in progress.


In 5th grade we studied Roy Lichtenstein - an artist that is greatly influenced by technology and comics.  This is evident in his use of Ben Day dots.  


It was a fantastic night filled with chorus performances and fabulous artwork.  Take a look.

Art talk.

Artists searching for a friend's.

Congratulations to our honored artists.  Their art will be added to our permanent gallery.

Can't wait to see these hanging in our hallways.

Three cheers!

Round of applause.

Mrs. Knight (my partner in crime) and one of the honored.

My son and husband (an art teacher too) came to enjoy the show.  My son's favorites were the car collages.


Kindergarten enjoyed these.  Cutting, overlapping and gluing shapes together  =  endless possibilities.  We tried really hard to make sure we made it interesting by showing variety and rhythm  ... kinda like music you can see.  Just lovely and fun to look at.

Freeform Stitichery

Success!  In 1st grade, we all tied a knot, threaded a needle, and "ran" with a running stitch.