Autrey Mill Middle School
Art Syllabus

Textbook                  Art: A Personal Journey, A Community Connection, A Global Pursuit

Course Description          
This class is designed to provide students with an informed understanding of the art process while developing a positive appreciation for the arts. The middle school visual arts program will include both written and studio production activities involving art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art production.

Course Objectives
·        Identifying and utilizing the elements of art and the principles of
·        Creating works of art by exploring a variety of media and techniques
·        Developing mature visual and verbal expression
·        Demonstrating proper and safe use of tools and supplies
·        To analyze, evaluate, and form critical responses towards art

Grade Breakdown 
 Homework /Participation        10%
                                 Portfolio / Mini Lab                  25%
                                 Quizzes.                                  25%
                                 Projects                                   40%

Evaluation               Students are evaluated on their knowledge of art content as well as the art produced as a result of instruction. Achievement, effort, and completion are included in the grading process. A student’s behavior in class can affect their participation grade. Assignments will have due dates, and scores will be lowered if they are turned in late. I cannot grade work that has not been submitted. A zero will significantly impact the final grade. 

Homework               Homework assignments related to class activities or work completion may be assigned. Students will be informed of assignments and due dates. Homework will primarily consist of the completion of in class sketchbook assignments.

Help Sessions         Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8:00 am to 8:45 am by appointment 

Communication      All students will receive a progress report 4 ½ weeks into the quarter. Parents will be contacted if a student’s grade drops below 75. Parents, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child (
Make-up Work         When returning to school after an absence, it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to contact the teacher for make-up work. Any missing assignments will receive a 0. Absent students may have to schedule a time to work on make-up work before school because many art materials must remain in the art room.

Class Materials          1) Spiral bound sketchbook (approximately 9”x12”) and art eraser
-  Available at the school store for a total of $5
                                    2) Pencils are mandatory every day (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS).
                                    3) Agenda

Class Expectations          
Students are expected to follow school and class guidelines for behavior.

                                    Act Responsibly
-  be prompt and prepared for class
-  follow directions the first time
-  take care and have consideration for our art materials,
              art class, and artwork
-  listen, no talking, while teacher is instructing
-  be kind to yourself, others and their artwork
-  be goal oriented and develop a plan
-  be creative
                                    Stay Positive
-  have a good attitude
- have patience with yourself and don’t give up    
                                    *Students that do not comply with these expectations will be assigned an alternative research-based assignment.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
–Albert Einstein