I want to ride MY bicycle....

It is believed by some that one of Leonardo Da Vinci's students in the 1490's made rough drafts of a bicycle. They were found among Da Vinci's writings for the Italian government in 1966 by a group of monks. What is realized with these findings is that in the 1490's all the parts of a bicycle were available to inventors and the public. Inventors were thinking about how to use the parts as well, but didn't think about putting them together.

I am really having trouble narrowing down my images of these.  I could post ALL of them.
Questions we are able to answer:
- How can I find and interesting composition?
- Can I talk about contour lines and show how to draw with them?
- How can I make an object look more 3-D?
- How can we learn from art?


Kandinsky Colors

It is that time of year again. A time to experiment with mixing colors and creating color schemes.
I can't wait to coat the halls with these.  I love the subtle differences in how 2nd graders applied their paint.

Art Critic

Which art do you like best?  Why? How does it make you feel?

In 2nd grade, we made a reproduction of a Mondrian and a Pollack. We compared and contrasted them discovering that lines share different feelings.
After viewing this famous artwork and others painted by Norman Rockwell, we decided to judge our reproductions. 
We drew a museum space and added our photograph.

Some added a cast shadow.


Romero Britto spreads positive feelings

3rd grade went to town with these.  After watching a slideshow, we brainstormed things that make us happy ... positive things, in the spirit of Britto.  I included a link that will take you to my Prezi (I hope?) slideshow about Romero Britto.   

Figurative Sculpture

After drawing gestures sketches of our classmates, we picked our favorite to turn into a sculpture.  The artist Alberto Giacometti influenced us. 

We added shadows to give them more dimension