Meet the teacher

When I was 5, what did I want to be when I grew up?  That's right - a crossing guard.  Then it was a vet, followed by a math teacher, followed by an environmental scientist... and let's not forget somewhere along the way Superwoman sounded like a great idea. 

Fast forward... Pennsylvania State University here I come.   Was art on the schedule?  Nope and as I began to shuffle through the Environmental Science requirements, all I kept thinking was, "No art classes?"  This was the epiphany.  I loved art.   With art, I could experiment, be uncertain, make mistakes, make possible the impossible, and most of all learn about anything I wanted all the while making something I thought was beautiful.   

So, I set out to learn more about art and to teach others why art is so important.  If you doubt how important art is, ask yourself this one question, "What would the world be like without art?" 

So here I am.  I teach art and enjoy every bit of it.  

Things I Enjoy:

I appreciate all
Gustav Klimt
Georgia O'Keeffe 
Wayne  Thiebaud
People of Ancient Civilizations 
Art movements 
Art Nouveau
Abstract Expressionism
Pop Art
Listening to music and dancing
Discovering neat things about architecture and nature
Baking healthy
Solving problems and puzzles