Observational Optical Illusions

These artworks are inspired by the master of optical illusions - MC Escher. We repeated lines to show movement, colored with value to model form, and drew our hands very carefully.

Scream Parodies

In 3rd grade we had lots of fun poking fun at Edvard Munch's famous painting, The Sream. Munch loved to show drama with color, movement with lines, and intensity in emotions. We stayed true to this and then added our own personal touch by adding ourselves.

Theibaud Still Life

In these fabulous creations, 5th grader's drew candy in proportion by using a grid to help. Then to make things have more depth, they added some shading, a cast shadow, and a highlight.

Matisse Collages

The wild world of Henri Matisse .... 2nd Graders had a blast making these abstracted musical collages. Using expressive lines and warm and cool colors combined with organic and geometric shapes we shared our favorite type of music.