Matisse's Moving Compositions

By 3rd grade we know the name Matisse.  We have seen many of his artworks from his paintings to his collages.  This time around, Matisse showed us about arranging an interesting composition. 
Henri Matisse La NĂ©gresse, 1952, paper collage
We also talked about, considered and applied what we know about the color schemes ... we even created our own colors while painting papers to use in this artwork. We used geometric shapes in the background and organic shapes for our figure. We strived to lead the viewer's eyes around the composition and communicate an action and possibly even a feeling.

What did you say? That was AWESOME!

Lately, I have been noticing some amazing things being said, so I decided to celebrate these wonderful incites.  Now, we have an evolving quote book and a quote is added to the board weekly... well, almost weekly.
This is the quote that started it ALL (the "YOU said something AWESOME" board).

Paul Klee's Colors

Is he hunting for food?  Is he being attacked?  Where is he?  Who is he?  What are those creatures?  Is he American Indian?  Why did Paul Klee use such ugly colors? 
These are some of the questions that 4th graders asked and it was GREAT! 
Sinbad the Sailor, Paul Klee
 Paul Klee loved color and we mixed and stirred different combinations of paint together to see what happened.  Notice how we painted with monochromatic, complimentary, and analogous colors.