Sweet Treats

In 2nd grade we learned from one of my very favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud.  He paints things to look so delicious and REAL.  How did he get his yummy looking pastries and treats to look so ... yummy?  Well, this is how we began our adventure ... wondering this very thing. 

French Pastries - Wayne Thiebaud

As a class we came to some insightful conclusions.  1. He drew 3-D shapes (forms).  2. He added cast shadows and showed value.  3. He made the paint and decorations look like icing. 
After sketching some forms we were able to draw all sorts of things from cupcakes to brownies to ice cream cones.  Knowing how to draw forms gave use the skills to draw many things.  We took it to the next step and designed our own layer cake for a special celebration.  We painted them with value and added decorations, a cast shadow, and a space.  I looooooooooooooooove these!