Line Landscapes and More

I always love to start the year focusing on lines because they are AMAZING.  When I see what 5th graders come up with, I am reminded that something so simple can be stretched to create something wonderful. 

At one of my schools we looked at current artist by the name of Virginia Kraljevic, an artist that started her career as a visual designer for the popular store Anthropologie.  She then went out on her own and began trying life as an independent freelance artist. 

Oval Forest

We also looked at the current artist Serge Seidlitz.  He is an artist to claims his art was fueled by growing up watching MTV and flipping through MAD magazine.  He inspires us to doodle away.
Take a look at 5th grade's creations.
I love the sense of humor here - referencing the well known nursery rhyme

I like how the space is filled so that it looks almost subterranean
I can almost feel how tired this wolf must be.

What can I say?  I smile every time I see this one.
Great contrast

At my other school (fyi - I teach at 2 awesome schools), we looked at how different artists and cultures use lines. Again, 5th grade used lines in some incredible ways.
Love the use of negative space and complimentary colors
I think these hands look like they are glowwing .... so cool.
This one took the idea of creating texture "there and beyond" - not only does it look like
 texture but run your fingers over the left hand and you will feel it too - bravo.